we have purchased our sherry truck. now we need your help to sherify the truck. get on board. come with us.

We are launching a Sherry Truck that offers an always changing and incongruous array of merchandise, such as pink lattes, cakes, t-shirts, high heels, "therapy" sessions, doll lamps, and sculptures from Sherry's life. These items play with the fetishization of the artist and all that she touches.

Sherry has performed throughout the US and Europe, in galleries and theaters, and the Sherry Truck will be a new platform to enable more direct interaction with her audience.

The “Sherry truck” will be an eco-friendly mobile performance space hosted by my character, Sherry. It will be converted from a used bread or ice cream truck and run on boi diesel and solar power. The truck will be versatile performance space and a working coffee truck.

$2 sherry truck bumper sticker
5 happy birthday phone call from sherry to person of your choice
10 signed photo of sherry unframed
20 signed photo of sherry framed
25 limited edition sherry truck t shirt
50 voucher for 2 therapy sessions
75 2 VIP tickets to sherry truck launch party
100 coffee card. 1 free coffee/day forever
500 your name painted on the truck
600 miniature sherry truck with sherry doll inside
1000 VIP access to show of your choice, meal with sherry after show
5000 sherry show card: unlimited tickets for two people to any performance, anywhere, forever
10000 Sherry and Thomas drive truck to your house to host a private party for you and your friends and perform a show
15000 you get to accompany us on a european tour
30000 2 week training on how to be sherry
50000 Sherry and Thomas plan your wedding, do a speech and perform
$1 million you become sherry
rewards for donation.
thank you kindly for all of you who donated via paypal. we really appreciate it. if you could now kindly send all donations through kickstarter. xoxo sherry