These dogs are my babies. They are wonderful animals that are so stereotyped.I have learned that you

should be careful where you get a pit bull because of irresponsible breading which can result in a dog

with an aggressive behavior which can be incurable. Ultimately they are amazing dogs which sadly get in

the hands of bad bad people who abuse their loyalty and beautiful spirit. I am a proud owner of two

amazing pit bulls and have learned so much about the breed in my six years of owning the breed. If you

are interested in getting a pit bull you should know that they are an immense amount of work due to

their need of tons of exercise and attention. they are high energy and have been one of the greatest

blessings i have been given. you should always ask to see both parents of the dog you're getting. that

is very important as to assessing your dogs temperment. a dog that is from an aggressive parent may not

be aggressive or may be aggressive and it may be curable but there are cases where it is not curable. i

give 100% support and love to anyone who adopts a pit bull and treats it with utmost respect and gives

it the love and understanding it deserves. these two dogs have inspired me greatly over the last six

years of my life.