you cannot miss... but obviously it's your choice right?
sherry will be teaching dance web students at impulstanz in vienna, austria how to give "sherapy" that is therapy by sherry from july 22nd through july 26th. stop by.

sherry truck will premier in europe in zurich, switzerland at gessnerallee. there will be sherry shows as well as sherapy in the truck and shopping!!!!

so, hop a plane to zurich. happy travels!

-sv (sherry truck 18 19 20 21 september)

sherry truck in zurich again at rote fabrik in switzerland. 21st of september...



sherry will be at JACK this saturday july 13th beginning at 11pm. the truck may even make a special appearance. jack is in brooklyn. look it up. -kisses sv.




sherry truck at Steireischer Herbst festival in graz, austria. sherry truck 27 28 29 of september and 4 5 6 of august. come see me. -sv

the world premier of sleeping beauty parts 1 2 3 4

10 11 12 october Steireischer Herbst festival in graz, austria.