have a very sherry christmas!

in the package you will receive.(items are also sold separately, hence by it now buttons below on each item)...............
this christmas we are offering a very special sherry christmas package just for you and your loved ones.


1. a package of 10 christmas cards made by the infamous
sherry herself./$25.00







all mailed directly to your x mas someone for the low price of
2. a cd of your very own sherry singing your very own
favorite christmas tunes including mariah carey's,
"all i want for christmas is you"(10 songs)/$15.00





3. a small book of sherrys favorite recipes./20.00





DVD Format
1. a signed photograph of Sherry with special note made
out to that special someone
4. a bonus dvd of 2 music videos to go along with a
surprise christmas tune!/$35.00




5. autographed photo of sherry./$20.00











includes all of the above items all for the amazingly low
price of $75.00






2. cd






3. recipe book
4. dvd